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3 Reasons to Get Dental X-Rays

3 Reasons to Get Dental X-Rays

Dental X-rays are considered one of the most vital parts of the dental experience. From children’s dentistry, to general dentistry, and even to cosmetic dentistry, dental x-rays are used to show dentists every aspect of a patient’s mouth. This allows them to get the broadest sense of the mouth they are working with, and leaves little room for surprise or error during dental procedures.

At Silk Dental, we use dental x-rays every single day on our patients to go in to any dental procedure as prepared as possible. But not only do we do it to be prepared, but also that is among a list of very good reasons to use dental x-rays when you visit the dentist.

3 of the most important reasons that we use dental x-rays for our patients at Silk Dental include:

  • They reveal hidden tooth decay. For the dental issues that cannot be seen during routine examinations, x-rays allow dentists to see further into problems that might be hidden by gums or teeth. These issues might include things such as abscesses, cysts, or cavities.
  • X-rays can catch more than just cavities; they can help prevent the spread of more serious problems. They are able to catch hidden gum infections or even tumors that aren’t visible, catching them sooner rather than later in most cases.
  • Dental x-rays put off less radiation than typical x-rays. They are less harsh, but still are able to help prevent the issues stated above.

Next time you visit us at Silk Dental, ask if it is time for you to have a dental x-ray to check up on what is going on inside your mouth. Not a patient at Silk Dental currently? You can schedule your appointment online or give us a call at 214-220-2424 to get set up for a visit today!