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5 Benefits of Using a Waterpik

5 Benefits of Using a Waterpik

Oral hygiene is the key to a healthy life, and one way that you can keep your smile healthy and happy is by using a waterpik. There are so many benefits of using a waterpik to improve your mouth’s health.


1. Less Painful, More Effective
If you have a small or crowded mouth, it can make flossing difficult. One of the benefits of using a waterpik is that it’s flossing without the hassle of hurting your gums while risking missing some of the plaque in your mouth.


2. It’s Easy to Remember
One of the worst parts of flossing is that hidden away in a drawer, that tiny plastic container can be difficult to remember. Another great benefit of using a waterpik is that it’s out and there with the rest of your dental supplies, so it makes it difficult to forget.


3. Remove More Plaque
When you use a waterpik, you have extra pressure from the water to fight the plaque on your teeth. The water pressure removes plaque that other traditional methods don’t reach.


4. Quick Solution
Not only is a waterpik easy to remember, but it only takes one minute a day to fight oral disease and make your mouth a cleaner and healthier place.


5. Reduce Gingivitis
With the pressure of the water in the waterpik, you can help increase the health in your gum health. It reaches places your toothbrush and traditional floss can’t reach with the pressure and pulsation.


Using a waterpik in addition to your daily routine can make your mouth much healthier, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come in for your regular dental check-ups. Request your appointment at Elite Dental & Orthodontics or give us a call at (214) 220-2424 to meet with your dental experts and ask about the benefits of using a waterpik.