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5 Dallas Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures at Silk Dental

5 Dallas Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures at Silk Dental

For everything your mouth throws at you, there’s usually a way to fix it through means of Dallas cosmetic dentistry procedures. At Silk Dental, we have many different procedures that can help you achieve the goals that you have for your smile. Check a few of them out:

1. Porcelain Veneers

This is one of the Dallas cosmetic dentistry procedures that can be applied over the front of the teeth in order to create a whole new smile. They sit on top of your natural teeth, molded to fit your mouth specifically. This can help you a great deal if you have stained, chipped, or uneven teeth that you want to change the appearance of.

2. Composite Fillings

For cavities in your teeth, composite fillings are great, because they look like your natural teeth. They are composed of synthetic resin rather than silver or amalgram fillings that are more traditional. These are not only white to match the rest of your tooth, but also can be placed in a single visit, saving you time.

3. Invisalign

For crooked teeth, Invisalign is one of the best Dallas cosmetic dentistry procedures you can choose. This is an alternative to braces that is nearly invisible, hence the name. You can take them off whenever, making them much more easy to assimilate into your daily life.

4. Teeth Whitening

For yellowed teeth, teeth whitening is a great choice. You get the look you want without having to go into a lengthy procedure with down time.

5. Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, dental implants can really help you save the teeth that you do have, and create a more natural smile. By implanting a tooth into missing spots, you don’t have to worry about taking teeth out or watching what you eat. It’s much more conservative and makes for a more natural smile.

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