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5 Reasons for Clear Braces

5 Reasons for Clear Braces

Everyone knows someone that has had braces, be it back in middle school or even today, and if you can think back to the time where everyone was getting them, you don’t remember hearing a lot of positives. Luckily, with clear braces you can escape many of the negatives of traditional braces, and here are 5 reasons for clear braces to make their way into your life:


1. Less Painful

With traditional braces, you have the pain of wires and rubber bands pulling your teeth in multiple directions and cutting your gums. Ditch the wax and go for a set of braces that won’t get caught in a metal detector!


2. Easier to Eat

You can eat your food without being self-conscious about it. Just take off your clear braces and don’t worry about leaving a mess behind in a tangled mess of wires.


3. Much Cleaner

It is a breeze to keep clear braces clean, especially in comparison to traditional metal braces. Because you can take them out and see every angle of them, you don’t have to guess if they’re clean! You’re able to clean them as well as you can without wondering if there’s a spot you missed.


4. Quicker Results

Odds are that won’t have your clear braces for more than 18 months, which is better than twice that with metal braces. These are designed to give you a quick, beautiful smile!


5. Looks Great!

Of course, the biggest reason many people choose clear braces is because you can’t even tell you’re wearing them. Especially for adults, this can be a huge advantage, because you don’t have to worry about people knowing in the office or anywhere else!


Still wondering if these 5 reasons for clear braces is enough? Stop on by at Silk Dental Wellness for a consultation to see if clear braces are for you. You can schedule an appointment online or give us a call at 214-220-2424! Be sure to ask about our great July discounts!