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At Silk Dental, we love our patients and want to honor those who have served

At Silk Dental, we love our patients and want to honor those who have served

Have you ever been brushing your teeth, and then all of the sudden your toothbrush is that unpleasant shade of pink from bleeding gums? The Dallas Dentist at Silk Dental wants to give you a few tips on how to prevent gum bleeding!

A few of the main causes of gum bleeding are:

Putting too much pressure on your teeth while brushing. Sure, you want to be thorough in removing the plaque from your teeth, but don’t be too rough. You can always schedule an appointment with our Dallas Dentist for a proper deep cleaning of your teeth!
Using a bad toothbrush. Sometimes you may spring for a fancier toothbrush, but it might not be the best one for you. The bristles may be too soft or firm for your teeth, but talk to your Dallas Dentist to see what the best option is for you!
Not keeping up with your dental hygiene often enough. This does mean flossing, so if you only do it before your dental appointments, you might want to make it a more common practice. Your gums will continue to bleed until they are used to being in contact with the dental floss, but the results are totally worth it!
Using poor brushing technique. Try to avoid the side-to-side motions, and replace them with up-and-down motions, or making small circles Mr. Miyagi style! But instead of wax-on, wax-off, think “toothbrush on, plaque off!”
Gum disease. This is one of the more serious causes of gum bleeding, with bacteria-causing diseases such as gingivitis, where bacteria turns into plaque, and causes your gums to become inflamed, and can cause more major problems than just bleeding down the road.
Schedule an appointment with our Dallas Dentist here at Silk Dental today to find the root cause of your gum bleeding, or just for your regular checkup. You can go online or call 214-220-2424 to make an appointment at our new office in West Village (see directions here)! We are so excited to see you!