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CBCT in Cosmetic Dentistry

CBCT in Cosmetic Dentistry

A new technology is entering the cosmetic dentistry arena: Cone Beam Computerized Technology—or CBCT—provides dental professionals with more accurate planning when placing implants in their patients. An article posted in the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry provides us with more insight into how this new technology can help us out at Silk Dental, giving our patients even more reason to feel safe when considering dental implants.

“Cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT) information has become a necessary part of precise implant planning. Although not yet the standard of care, implant procedures that are restoratively driven can no longer be done precisely enough with conventional imaging modalities. Cosmetic dentists, because of the nature of the exacting procedures they perform, will find that planning and performing implant cases using CBCT will become the only way to manage their cases, both large and small.”

 “Certainly almost all dentists performing cosmetic dentistry procedures today are placing restorations on implant fixtures. The restorative or prosthetic-driven implant case is fast becoming the de facto standard in dentistry. When replacing even a single crown in the anterior region of the mouth, if it is implant-supported, success will start with precise imaging of the bone to support the implant. The final crown depends upon the emergence profile created by the implant itself. So form, function, and pleasing esthetics—the goals of the cosmetic dentist—will be made easier if you start from sound, precise imaging information. It is not that complicated. In addition, cosmetic dentists who take on more complex cases are constantly restoring patients with edentulous spaces, often also supported by multiple endosseous implant fixtures. Here also then, precision will be the key to success.”

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