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Choosing the Right Veneers for Your Face Shape

Choosing the Right Veneers for Your Face Shape

Interested in getting veneers? Sure, you’ve probably considered the fact that you want them, but what you won’t get assistance on at most dental offices is what shape to get for your face. Our goal is to help you not only in choosing the right veneers for your face, but the best around!

Take a look at the face shapes below to help you in choosing the right veneers for your face shape! The name of the game is balance, so in most cases, you’ll want to avoid veneers that are the same shape as your face, except in the case of the smaller face.

Small Face
If your face is smaller, it’s best to stick with smaller veneers. Try to avoid long or square-shaped veneers, because they might throw off the proportions of your face. Long veneers will draw more attention to your mouth because they’re not natural-looking.

Thin Face
If your face is thin and long, try to find veneers that match that. You’ve got the length vertically, so try to find veneers that give more width horizontally. It will bring balance to your face, like yin and yang!

Full Face
The opposite of thin faces,try to bring more of a balance to your face if it is fuller and round. With long, thin teeth you’ll get more length and appear to have a slimming effect when you smile!

Square-shaped or Angled Face
Your face is full of harsh angles, so soften your veneers for balance.

Take this all into consideration when you schedule an appointment for your consultation at Silk Dental. We’ll help you in choosing the right veneers for a great-looking smile! You can call us today for more information on veneers at 214-220-2020. We are happy to assist you in achieving the smile of your dreams!