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Dental Implants Uptown Dallas – Solving the Issue of Missing Teeth at Silk Dental

Dental Implants Uptown Dallas – Solving the Issue of Missing Teeth at Silk Dental

Having missing teeth has been an issue for generations, with little that can be done to strive toward a permanent solution for gaps or teeth that have been lost in some form or fashion. With advances in dental technology, primarily in Dental Implants, this issue has really helped solved the problem for many people, giving them a solution to their missing teeth. At Silk Dental, we provide dental implants Uptown Dallas will truly be impressed with.

Dr. Mark Newey recently wrote an article on providing insight into just a few of the many reasons that dental implants Uptown Dallas and the whole world now are able to have access to.

Choosing dental implants over a bridge or dentures has a lot of advantages. Not only do implants eliminate the many problems and drawbacks associated with dentures and bridges, but they even allow people to eat, speak and laugh normally. Most patients do not realize that bridges can actually loosen other teeth and even cause more tooth loss over time.

With dental implants, denture wearers no longer have to contend with slippage, wobbling, discomfort and in many cases, pain. Without teeth, the underlying bone deteriorates and the denture no longer fits properly.

Dental Implants can also stabilize existing lower dentures by anchoring them into place using mini dental implants, improving the patient’s ability to eat, speak, laugh and smile.

Generally speaking, root canals have about a 70-85 percent success rate. If a root canal re-treatment is indicated, the success rates decline to less than 50 percent. It makes medical sense for the patient to go with the traditional root canal procedure initially, if it does fail, the next sensible step is a dental implant.

Dental implants are the most advanced method to replace missing teeth, save bone structure and improve the quality of life for denture wearers.

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