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Restoration Dentistry

Restoration Dentistry

If a smile is worth a thousand words, what does your smile say about you?

If your teeth aren’t so pretty these days, you may feel self-conscious and try to hide your smile from others. Yet, with modern dental restorations, your Uptown Dallas dentist can create for you a gorgeous smile that you’re proud to reveal to others. Dallas Dental restorations have come a long way through the years. Improved technology has opened up a number of restoration options for repairing and replacing teeth.

What are Dental Restorations?

Dental restorations are restorative products or materials that are used to repair and/or restore the function and integrity of missing tooth structure. These restorations may be used to repair dental caries or broken teeth. They may fill in gaps between teeth or replace missing teeth. Dental restorations can be used to correct an improper bite, as well as restore one’s normal chewing capacity. Old dental treatments may be replaced with modern, more attractive dental restorations.

With the latest technology in dental restorations, you can have a healthy mouth again, and your smile can be enhanced to look more beautiful than ever.

What Types of Dallas Dental Restorations Are Available?

There is a dental restoration available for just about any dental need. Dental fillings are used to repair decayed and damaged teeth. Crowns or caps are used to replace old dental fillings and to repair and strengthen fractured, chipped, or sensitive teeth. They are also used to enhance the appearance of discolored or malformed natural teeth.

Dental implants, dentures, and fixed bridges are types of dental restorations used to replace missing teeth, thereby restoring the ability to eat and chew properly.

Root canal therapy may be performed on a damaged tooth to correct disorders of the dental pulp, which consists of the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue inside the tooth. Root canal therapy can help save an abscessed or infected tooth that might otherwise require removal.

Don’t hide your smile any longer! See your Uptown Dallas dentist at Silk Dental Wellness and ask about dental restorations in Dallas, Texas that can give you a healthy, attractive smile and improve your self-esteem, too.

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