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Silk Dental Video Series: Why is Dental Work So Expensive?

Silk Dental Video Series: Why is Dental Work So Expensive?

Our hope here is to provide you answers to nagging questions and potential insight into your desires for future dental work, hopefully here with us! We’re going to start off a short series: “Everything you wanted to know about dental work, but were afraid to ask.” And today, we’ll kick off by helping you find the answer to the question “Why is dental work so expensive?”

Our first questions that commonly comes up is “Why is dental work so expensive?” Guys, unfortunately dental insurance hasn’t changed much since 1960. Coverage has been the same since that time, but the operating cost, including equipment, material, technicians and staff cost has gone up almost 1800%. But here at Silk Dental, we’re sensitive to that issue.We work with each patient on an individual basis to create a good financial solution for you.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask, feel free to post or private message us and we will answer them as soon as we get them. Thank you for your questions and keep them coming! We will continue to answer those nagging questions with you, because our goal at Silk Dental & Orthodontics is to give you the best dentistry possible but financially afford it.