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Steps to Getting Clear Braces Dallas Area Patients Will Love

Steps to Getting Clear Braces Dallas Area Patients Will Love

Looking to make a straighter smile, but don’t want to get traditional metal bracket braces? You’re not alone, and we at Silk Dental have the answer: Clear Braces Dallas dental patients can use to not only achieve the perfect straight smile, but be sneaky in doing so!

We want to help you have all the things you need, and be fully prepared if you’re interested in clear braces with the help of ClearCorrect or Invisalign! At new Dallas office in West Village, you can get on track to that dream smile you’ve always dreamed of!

Step One: Make an appointment with Dr. Andy Chang at Silk Dental. He and our team of dental professionals will make sure you have all the proper information to determine whether clear braces from ClearCorrect and Invisalign are the right choice for you! After an evaluation, including some impressions and x-rays we’ll help you decide whether ClearCorrect is the right choice for you!

Step Two: Once it’s decided what is the best route for your teeth, we will create a custom treatment plan from our clear braces Dallas professionals here at Silk Dental. Using your x-rays and impressions, we will create the proper molds and aligners for your ClearCorrect and Invisalign clear braces! With those molds, we work with you to decide the best timeframe to create that great smile!

Step Three: We computer-craft your ClearCorrect aligners once we have a treatment plan of action set in place! They’ll be sent to our office for you to pick up and start wearing!

Step Four: Start wearing your clear braces! You’ll wear them every day, with the exception of eating, drinking, or daily dental care. You won’t even be able to tell that you’re wearing them! From the timeframe you discuss with us, we’ll set up regular check-ups to manage the progress of your alignment!

Give us a call today at 214-220-2424 or schedule your appointment online to get on track to that perfect, straight smile. We love to ensure that our clear braces Dallas patients are happy and healthy along the way!